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NOTICE:   Although all therapists listed are verified members of ALGBTIC, ALGBTIC, ACA, its officers, other members, or any affiliate thereof places no claims on the validity or merit of the therapists listed herein. Listed therapists are required to sign a statement verifying their certification, however, it is common knowledge that no one therapist is right for everyone. It is a knowledgable and wise consumer who will carefully seek out a therapist most appropriate for needs of the individual seeking services. Some questions to consider when seeking a therapist are: What degree(s) does the therapist hold? How many years experience? Is the therapist supervised? What is the therapist's theoretical orientation? Does the counselor practice or endorse conversion/reparative therapy? What are the charges that would be incurred? Does your insurance company/HMO cover mental health care, and does the therapist accept third party payments?

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Therapist Resource Listing

This therapists resource listing is provided to individuals looking for mental health services provided by members of the Association for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling division of the American Counseling Association, in a particular region or state. Find the state or region in which you are looking for services, and click on that state. Prior to doing so, however, please read the NOTICE below.