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1.  What are some of the benefits of membership:           

A free subscription to the Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, our online journal that will be published on a quarterly basis. You can access the journal by going to http://www.algbtic.org/ and click on "THE JOURNAL" at the top.·            

Access to our listserv for members to discuss issues related to counseling and our community. You can join the listserv by following this link: https://lists.purdue.edu/mailman/listinfo/algbtic            

Extensive bibliography for counselors working with the LGBT population on our website with topics including: LGBT Families, Identity Development, LGBT Adolescents, and Career Identity & Development·            

Our Therapist Resource Directory exclusively for ALGBTIC members who wish to advertise their professional counseling services to the public. You can get your own information entered on that site.·            

Our revamped newsletter published three times a year. You can access archived copies by going to http://www.algbtic.org/ and clicking on the newsletter logo at the top.·            

ALGBTIC sponsored social events at national ACA conventions including our annual brunch and reception·            

Opportunities to get involved in our state and regional chapters. ·            

Our website, http://www.algbtic.org/, has much more information about the above benefits along with additional resources and information. Definitely check it out.

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