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A Division of the

When making a nomination for any of the awards, please include the names and contact information of both the nominee and nominator, along with a brief narrative (MS WORD or Adobe PDF document) describing why you believe the nominee should be considered for the respective award.  Self-nominations will be accepted.  Please distribute this announcement widely.

ALGBTIC Joe Norton Award:

This award is presented annually for an outstanding contribution to the LGBTQQIA community in the city or region in which the ACA conference is held.  

ALGBTIC Ned Farley Service Award:

This award is presented to an ALGBTIC member who has served ALGBTIC and/or the larger LGBTQQIA community through forwarding the mission and values of ALGBTIC.

ALGBTIC Mentor Award:

This award is presented to an individual identified for his or her significant contribution to mentorship in the ALGBTIC community and persons with the LGBTQQIA community.

ALGBTIC Graduate Student Award:

This award has been established to honor a graduate student member of ALGBTIC who has contributed significantly in one of three areas:

  • Representing or embodying the mission of ALGBTIC through direct service for ALGBTIC or in the field of counseling.
  • Furthering knowledge of LGBTQQ issues through an outstanding research contribution.
  • Providing service or research that specifically focuses on furthering the knowledge of and commitment to issues of diversity within the LGBTQQIA community.

Nominations and any questions should be sent via email to:

    Kristopher Goodrich, Ph.D., LMHC, ACS

    Past-President, ALGBTIC


AWARD RecipientS


   ALGBTIC Research Grant Recipients

          2017     STUDENT              “We Have to do What?!”: Understanding the Experiences of Lesbian Couples Navigating the Fertility Process"

                                                    Haley Wikoff (Student) and Meredith Rausch (Professional) - $500 Student award

                      PROFESSIONAL     "LGBTQ Middle School and High School Students’ Perceptions of School-Based Athletics"

                                                    Catherine Griffith (Professional) and Scott Greenspan (Student) - $500 Professional award

                      TRANSGENDER      "Reactive Shielding in Transgender Clients"

                                                    Michael Mariska (Professional) and Desmond Stern (Student) - $500 Transgender/SOCE award

          2016     STUDENT:             Claudia Howe, Virginia Tech

                                                     Paulina Flash, University of Central Florida  

                       PROFESSIONAL:   Rodney Parks

                                                     Jesse Parish

   ALGBTIC Graduate Student Awards

          2017     Whitney Akers, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

          2016     Christian Chan

          2015     Matthew Beck

          2014     Catherine Griffith

          2013     Jared Rose

          2011     Joel Filmore

          2008     Philip Gnika

          2007     Tracey Gagne

          2006     Kathryn Newton

          2005     Anneliese Singh

   ALGBTIC Joe Norton Awards

          2017     Gender Spectrum

          2015     Zebra Coalition

          2014     The Life Foundation

          2013     Midwest Trans & Queer Wellness Initiative

          2011     The Trevor Project

          2008     Life Foundation

          2007     Ruth Ellis Center, Detroit

          2006     Project Interaction, McGill University, Montreal

          2005     Joanne DeMark

          2004     Keith Spare

          2003     GLBT Service Center of Orange County California

          2002     PFLAG of New Orleans

          2001     John Garcia

          2000     Robert Washington

          1999     Fernando Gutierrez

          1998     Richard Yep

          1997     Brooke and Joan Collison

          1996     Joyce Breasure

          1995     Bob Rhode

          1993     Michael Hutchins

          1992     Barry Losinsky

          1991     Sari Dworkin and Stuart Loomis

          1990     Jamie Washington and Diane Hulse-Killacky

          1989     Olivia Espin

          1988     Bob Rhode and Mary McGhee

          1987     Joe Norton and Barbara Yanico

   ALGBTIC Ned Farley Service Award (Renamed in 2016)

          2017     Jennifer Gess

          2016     Ned Farley

          2015     Laura B. Farmer

          2014     Michael Chaney

          2013     Shana Cole

          2012     Kristopher Goodrich

          2011     Ed Cannon

          2008     Cyndy Boyd

          2007     Karen Hartman

          2006     Susan Seem

          2005     Rob Mate

          2004     Kathleen Ritter

          2003     Mark Pope

          2002     Sari Dworkin

          2001     Colleen Logan

          2000     Bob Barret

          1999     Rita Drapkin

   ALGBTIC Mentor Award

          2017     Melissa Luke

          2016     Anneliese Singh
          2015     Michael Kocet

          2014     Amney Harper

          2013     Robert Mate

          2012     Ed Cannon

          2011     Joy Whitman

          2008     Mark Pope ​