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The Executive Board for the Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Issues in Counseling (ALGBTIC) has begun initial planning of the 2018 ALGBTIC Conference. As you may be aware, planning and executing a successful conference takes a significant amount of work, with several variables which must be contemplated and addressed. Not the least of which is the location where ALGBTIC members are not only able to travel to, but feel comfortable doing so.

Over the past few years, national conference locations have required increased sensitivity to selecting cities which are welcoming to LGBQ+ and Trans* individuals. The current national socio-political climate suggests this will continue to be a significant factor in the foreseeable future, and the ALGBTIC Board seeks to ensure it selects an appropriate location for the 2018 ALGBTIC Conference. After much contemplation and discussion, the ALGBTIC Board has identified three potential locations for its conference in 2018. These locations are, to the best of the Board’s knowledge, welcoming of all individuals including LGBQ+ and Trans*. 

Input by you, ALGBTIC members, is sought to assist in narrowing down a potential location. The conference is, after all, for you – ALGBTIC members. Please consider the following three cities and let your voice be heard on where you think is the most appropriate location. Your consideration of not only a city you could potentially travel to, but one to your knowledge is welcoming of LGBQ+ and Trans* individuals, is helpful to the ALGBTIC Board.

Your input on this matter is greatly valued, and the ALGBTIC Board appreciates your time and consideration in this matter.

Please complete the survey at the following link:


Thank you in advance for your time.



Tonya R. Hammer, PhD, LPC-S

Assistant Professor of Counseling

Oklahoma State University-Tulsa

President, Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling

2018 ALGBTIC Conference

March 17, 2017

December 15, 2016