Jared S. Rose, Ph.D., LPCC-S, NCC
 Assistant Professor, Clinical Mental Health & School Counseling Programs
 Bowling Green State University

​Tonya R. Hammer, Ph.D., LPC-S
 Past President
 Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
 Main Hall 2437, 700 North Greenwood Avenue
 Tulsa, OK 74106

Michael Kocet, Ph.D.
 Governing Council Representative
 Associate Professor
 The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Effective 8/15/15)
 Chicago, IL

Tamekia Bell, Ph.D., LCPC(IL), NCC

 Adler University
 Core Faculty - Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Robert L. Mate, MS, NCC, LMHC
Senior Assistant Director - Readmissions Specialist
Purdue University - Office of Admissions
475 Stadium Mall Dr., West Lafayette, IN 47907
(765) 494-1263

Adrienne Erby, Ph.D., NCC
Professional Trustee
Queer People of Color,LGBTQQIA Affirmative Counseling & Society Justice Committee Chair
Assistant Professor, Counselor Education
Ohio University

Adam W. Carter, Ph.D., NCC, CCMHC, ACS, LCPC

​Professional Trustee

Membership/State Branch Committee Chair
 Northern Illinois University
 Assistant Professor of Counseling

Melissa Luke
​ Professional Trustee

Scholarship & Research
Syracuse University, Department of Counseling & Human Services
 440 D Sims Hall, 130 College Place, Syracuse, NY 13244

Nevin Heard, MA

Student Trustee & Graduate Student Committee Chair
​Doctoral Candidate
University of Central Florida

Cory Viehl, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS

 Special Committee on Public Policy Chair

​ Associate Program Director and Associate Professor
  City University of Seattle


Michael P. Chaney, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, ACS

The Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling Editor-in-Chief
Associate Professor, Coordinator of Addictions Specialization
Oakland University, Department of Counseling
435G Pawley Hall, Rochester, MI 48309-4494

Jeffrey D. Gowing, MS, MA, NCC, LPC (IL), LLPC (MI)

 (708) 955-5466

Frank Dispenza, Ph.D.


Christian D. Chan, PhD, NCC
 Co-Editor of ALGBTIC NEWS & Emerging Leaders Committee Chair

 Assistant Professor of Counseling - Department of Counseling
 Idaho State University
 chanchr2@isu.edu ​

2017 - 2018 Committee Members

  Membership/State Branch Committee

     Adam W. Carter

     Michael DeVoll

  Emerging Leaders Committee

     Christian D. Chan, PhD, NCC

  Technology & Resource Committee

     Jeff Gowing, MS, MA, NCC, LPC - Chair

     Michelle N. Saltis, MS, LPCC, NCC


  Queer People of Color, LGBTIQQIA Affirmative Counseling & Society Justice Committee

      Adrienne N. Erby, Ph.D., NCC

 ​     Shainna Ali, MA

      Christian D. Chan, PhD, NCC

  Graduate Student Committee

      Nevin Heard - Chair                                        Christopher Lacefield

      Brady Sullivan                                                 Christian Chan (Past Student Trustee)

      Justin Maki                                                      Sarah Jones

      Missy Lugo (Past Student Trustee)                 Zakiya McCormick

      Suzy Wise

  Special Committee on Public Policy (SCPP)       

       Cory Viehl, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, ACS - Chair      Adrienne N. Erby, Ph.D., NCC

       Adam Carter, LPC, NCC, ACS, CCMHC          Rachel Henesy, M.A.E., Ed.S., NCC

       Laura Boyd Farmer, LPC                                  Jordan Westcott

       Haley Myers-Brannon, LPC   



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